Children’s Week and United Nation Day


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Celebrating Children’s Week

The Ismile and Oakwood Academy celebrated Children's Week last October 15 - 19, 2017.  Every day children experienced varied activities in line with the theme of the day.

During Language Day, the children wore shirts with printed letters on it.  They also learned greetings in different languages.  In Music Day, the children, representing their chosen country, paraded at the playground. Oakwood looked great with their Egyptian costume! Other classes likewise wore national outfits of   Japan, Philippines, India, America, and Thailand.  During Art Day, the children dressed up as artists as they participated in several art and craft activities. Each class worked on their 3D constructions showing famous landmarks of their chosen country.   The most exciting day was when we had the Food Day!  Each of the classes prepared unique dishes from their chosen country.  Parents also got involved in this activity. 

 While experiencing the arts and culture of different nations, the children did not only have fun but learned a great deal throughout the week.

United Nations Day Celebration 

On October 20, 2017, ISMILE and Oakwood Academy celebrated United Nations Day. This year's theme is Sustainable Tourism for Development. In support of the idea, teachers and staff dressed up as pilots, flight attendants, immigration officers and tour guides. The program took the parents and the rest of the audience on an exciting journey around the world.

The classes' performance reflected the culture of the country they represented.  Infant and Toddler performed dances from India and America respectively. The N1 A danced Kuda Lumping, which depicted a group of horsemen, while N1 B and N1 C beat the roof with La Bamba from Mexico. Mas Que Nada of Brazil had the N2 As shimmied on stage. The N2Bs brought Korean culture with Oh Na Ra. Still in Asia, the K1 As wiggled to the Itik- Itik dance from the Philippines followed by the K1 Bs Ta Yan Jing dance from China. Performing the Dance of the Fisherman with Soran Bushi from Japan, K2s caught a huge catch as they shouted Dokoisho! 

Traveling to Africa, the Sphinx and Pharaohs came back to life with Oakwood's Egyptian Dance. 

As the program came to a close, we hope that the experience of cultural tourism in our children through this event equipped them to be more appreciative of the world’s diversity. 


Children’s Week and United Nations Day Celebration

Ismile Bellezza celebrated Children's week starting Monday, October 16, 2017 and the week ended with United Nations Day Celebration by Friday, October 20, 2017. During the children's week, we had different themes each day and a matching photo booth with theme-based backgrounds.

 On Monday, our theme was "When I grow up, I want to be... ". The children and teachers dressed up according to the occupation they want to be such as Chef, Pilot, Astronaut, Doctor, Teacher, etc. Each class took a picture in the photo booth according to the schedule we had made.   

On Tuesday, the theme was book characters. The children were wearing costumes of the character from their favourite book. Many girl students dressed up with the princess costume, most of them were Elsa from "Frozen". For the boys, most of them wore superhero costumes such as Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America.   

The theme on Wednesday was Crazy hair day. The children and teachers came to school with crazy hair style on that day. Some classes which had a parent volunteer did an activity about doing crazy hair style in the classroom. They then visited other classes to show off their hair before taking a picture at the photo booth. We chose one student with the craziest hair style from each class. K2B students even chose their preferred craziest hair style by themselves.   

The last theme was Jersey Day which was held on Thursday. Everyone wore sports attire according to their favorite sport. On that day, we worked with Mr. Rigos, our gym teacher, to provide sport stations. The stations were basketball, bowling, volleyball, soccer and golf.   

Finally, on Friday, October 20, we had our United Nations Day celebration. We choose 8 countries from 4 big continents in the world. They are Zimbabwe, Brazil, Morocco, Philippines, Russia, Canada, Netherlands and South Korea. Each class represented one country and they performed a special dance on the stage. We invited the parents to come so they can watch their children's performances. Our objective for this celebration is to respect and appreciate each other, no matter where you come from. 


From October 16 to October 20, 2017, ISMILE Menteng had a great celebration of Children’s Week and United Nations Day. For Children’s Week, we had our daily themes and suggested outfits to wear from Monday to Thursday - Breakfast in Pajamas, Crazy Hair and Coloring Fun Day, Beach Party and Face Painting, and When I Grow Up.

We also had the chance to invite one or two of our dear parents for each level to come to school and share their experiences in what they do as a professional in their respective field. The children were so excited to see their moms standing in front and talking to their friends about their occupation. Our CW Tree and each colored ribbon tied to it by the children themselves also represented our support for the UN Convention on the Rights of the child.

For United Nations Day, parents and children took part in the Parade of Nations to nearby Taman Suropati and the Birds of Peace release. A fashion show by the children to showcase their chosen national costume and cultural diversity followed. A musical performance to the tune of Indonesian folk songs using native and Kindermusik instruments was also another highlight of the day.

Like the CW tree, the UN tree also involved the parents and their children, in which they tied the blue and white ribbons to symbolize peace and unity. Throughout the week, we can clearly see that the children had a great time and were doubly excited to have their moms, dads, and loved ones participate in some activities. It has been an exciting, memorable, and meaningful week for the children, parents, and teachers. Together, we were able to not only honor the reason behind the celebrations but were able to strengthen our relationship with one another and with our community.  

The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences. – Loris Malaguzzi




Children’s Week recognizes the talents, skills, and achievements of our young children. For this year, ISMILE PI celebrated Children’s Week from October 23-26, 2017. This 4-day event had different celebrations on each day. The very first day was “Favorite Book Character” Day were children came to school wearing their favorite Book Character as well as bringing their favorite book. The children were asked to come in front of the class and talk about their favorite book as well as the costume they had on.  Before the day ended, the whole school convened to watch a Shadow puppet play of the “3 Little Pigs”. 

The second day was Fitness Day! The objective of this day was to teach the children the importance of “Being fit and eating healthy!” Two moms, Ms. Marisa from N1 and Ms. Mimi from K2, were invited to lead the Zumba class for all the children. The children had fun following the moves and grooves during the 20-minute activity. Right after the activity, Ms. Pipit, TA of K1 class, demonstrated to the class how to make a Banana Smoothie. The children who tasted the drink loved it and even asked for more!

It was Crazy Hair Day on our third day. The children as well as the teachers came to school wearing various hairstyles. It was a day to show off their hairstyles! The children walked around the stage of Hideout in pairs. It was heartwarming to see each child’s uniqueness as they walked on stage. 

Our 4th day was Carnival Day and the children played with the different carnival games such as shooting the ball on to the Mouth of a Clown, Ring Toss, Egg Relay and Fishing Game.  Everyone was a winner and the children truly practiced their different gross motor as well as eye-hand coordination skills.

On some of the days of this 4-day celebration, some K2 children would comment, “This is the best day ever!” It was indeed a great 4-day celebration with the children actively participating with the themes set for the week. A heartfelt thanks to all the parents who supported us in this event!

United Nations Day 

UN Day celebration is one of the events that ISMILE celebrates every year. Every child came with their chosen costume from different countries. In ISMILE PI, all the levels performed and had potluck at the end of the celebration. Students from N1 to K1 shared food and our K2 had their restaurant. The restaurant was open to all ISMILE students and parents. The food that K2 sold were prepared and donated by their parents and they themselves worked as the servers. The K2 restaurant’s proceeds have been donated to underprivileged children. As teachers, we were so proud to see our children’s excitement to be involved in this event. All the levels worked together to make it more meaningful.

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