Easter Celebration


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Easter Celebration

ISMILE Menteng

In the ISMILE family of schools, celebrating events has become an integral part of learn-ing, forging community ties, and building a strong cultural belief in a child.

Like Indonesia, ISMILE Menteng also is home to children and families of different faith. A close bond is built between the students as they understand each other’s varying beliefs and practices.

Understanding the faith of one another can help us to come closer to people of all religious persuasions. The key events of each faith tell us so much about their belief system and what is important to them; they help us understand one another (Wayman, 2014).

As a school founded on Christian principles, ISMILE recently had its Easter celebration. In the Menteng center, we had it last March 29. We were grateful for the sunny day that God granted, enabling us to continue with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Circle time became a platform to prepare the children for the occasion, in which they watched a narrative video on the significance of celebrating Easter.

This was then followed by a group art activity in the garden, where N1s used pompom paint-brushes to paint their egg outline, N2s decorated their Easter basket with colorful shiny sequins of various shapes, and the K1s outlined a cross amidst swirls of color. These were emphasized to recognize the varying symbols that we usually come across during Easter.

Of course, an egg hunt ensued thereafter. Parents and children hunkered down and quickly went through obvious and hidden spots in the garden to find one or more.

One of the highlights of the day was the retelling of the Easter story via tableaux, which was staged by most of the school teachers. It was delivered in an age-apt manner, simplified for the understanding of the young. Its main aim was to inform the children that Easter is not just about egg hunts, bonnets, and bunnies, but that in the Christian faith, the key concepts are Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Easter is a celebration to remember how deep and wide God’s love for all of us.

Happy Easter! Let‟s share Jesus‟ love for He has loved us first. God bless!


ISMILE Bellezza

Easter is about God’s Love

John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” That was the Bible verse that ISMILE Bellezza applied as a theme for the Easter Celebration on March 21, 2018. The celebration was held in ISMILE Bellezza hall with all teachers and children wore white top.

The program was set like a simple musical play which involved all children from all levels to participate on stage by following the story line. The teachers played role as characters so that the children support their line by performing on stage. The children participation are holding Bible verse, playing Easter games, singing praise and worship songs in English and Mandarin.

The story that the characters intend is about the truly meaning of Easter. Usually Children get used to bunny and egg hunt in every Easter celebration. This Easter program is emphasizing more on God’s love. Jesus died at the cross because He loves us so much. So through this program, children were told that Easter is not about eggs, not about bunny but it is all about celebrating God‟s love to us. At the end, the children displayed their understanding of the Easter meaning as they sang the last song “It’s about L-O-V-E” enthusiastically. Happy Easter everyone! God loves us!


ISMILE Bandung

An Easter to Remember

In the Christian community, Easter is one of the most awaited celebrations every parishioner looks forward to. As a Christian school, the same can be said with entire ISMILE Bandung community.

A week prior to Easter celebration, the entire school was busy helping and extending their help in the planning, preparation, and the decoration of the different areas in the school. Slowly, the anticipation built up as the pupils look forward to the various activities lined up for the celebration.

As early as 8:00 AM of March 29, 2018, little footsteps, laughter and small talks could be heard along the stairways and corridor of the entire school. As the Lead Teachers, with their Teacher Assistants commenced with the classroom activities, students‟ anticipation heightened. To kick off the celebration, the entire ISMILE Bandung community gathered at the playground to give praise and thanks to the risen Lord. The K1 pupils led the community singing and praising of the risen Lord.

To integrate the religious importance of Easter, the pupils enjoyed a short and inspiring video. After which, the children learned and sang to their heart’s desire some Easter songs and DIY Art work for Easter. The Infants and Toddlers small hands under three teachers, had so much fun in their Sensory play with eggs. The N1-A of two teachers and N1- B and C under two teachers had their hands full in doing and decorating their cotton ball chick. On the other hand, the N2-A pupils under two teachers worked their wonders in designing and colouring their Egg carton chick. For the N2-B of Ms. Elvira and Ms. Rika assembling and gluing Bunny roll paper. The K1 children of three teachers had a grand time creating and decorating their individual Bunny basket from recycled bottles. The K2 kids of two teachers had a wonderful time cutting and assembling their personal Paper plate Easter chick. The Oakwood children under three teachers had a fun time in sketching and painting their Easter Egg. The activity allowed the pupils to further their friendships and build a working relationship with their friends.

To encapsulate the activity, the children participated in Easter egg hunt. Armed with their baskets, the children were all ready to search for the eggs in the playground or in the garden. Laughter and giggles filled the air as the children dirtied their hands with the aim of get-ting the most number of eggs. The child with the most number of eggs gets a surprise prize from the home teacher and went home with cooked eggs.

The Easter Celebration was indeed a big success!


ISMILE Plaza Indonesia

Christ Has Risen!

ISMILE Plaza Indonesia celebrated Easter on March 29. The children performed special numbers to honor God’s unconditional love for us when he gave us His only Son. N1, N2, and K1 presented song and dance numbers. K2 told the story of how God made Jesus rise from the dead through a stick dance and a short drama on the story of the empty tomb.

An exciting Easter Egg Hunt followed the show where students searched for as many eggs as they could and received prizes for them! The day culminated in an Egg Craft activity where the children decorated the eggs they were able to collect using a variety of materials.

It was truly a joyful and meaningful day for the whole ISMILE family – a fitting testament to God‟s mercy, generosity, and love!


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