Infant and Toddler Day


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ISMILE Belleza

La Familia- Infant Day (15 March 2018)

We invited Daddies to join our activities in the class to celebrate Family Day. Daddies had the chance to get involved in joining our Sensory and Discovery Play with their babies. The world is a melting pot of families of different configurations, beliefs, cultural norms, and personal practices. Every child and family comes to a child care community with different family values and experiences. One of the most important gifts we can give our children is to help them feel good about the uniqueness of their family and help them learn to accept, respect, and include people whom they may experience as "different".

Toddler Day- Daddy Day Out To Dominos Pizza!!!!!

FAMILY means to feel secure, to have some-one who you can count on, who shares your happiness, tears and love. Family is to have respect for each other and responsibility.

To culminate our topic about Family, Toddler class went to Domi-nos Pizza last March 5, 2018. We invited Daddies to come and join the activities. With the busyness of the everyday life of our Dad-dies, it was a joy to see them enjoying and having so much fun with their children. Our Toddlers indeed had so much fun and hap-piness having their Daddies in school. Good job Daddies!!!!!

“Until you have a son of your own... you will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon his son.” – KentNerburn


ISMILE Bandung

Celebrating Love For The Family

ISMILE Bandung recently celebrated Family Day with Infants and Toddlers classes. The two-day event were supported well by parents showing that the simple, little things they do with their kids make a big difference to their child’s life.

As the parents took time to connect with their children, the positive influence of togetherness and celebrating love for the family, we believe were instilled to each of our infants and toddlers. The simple activities that we all shared together as a family in school brought and gave positive feedbacks from the parents and kids and we hope it will inspire each of our parents to make time everyday and do the simple things that inspires and celebrates love for their families.


ISMILE Menteng and Plaza Indonesia

La Familia- Infant And Toddler Day

Family always plays one of the most important role in our lives. Our friends or other people may leave us but our Family will al-ways be there for us, ready to help, guide, support and love us in spite all the wrong doings and imperfections we have.

This week, the IT celebrated their Infant and Toddler Day in Plaza Indonesia, Miniapolis and Hideout with the theme “La Familia”. It was a combination celebration between ISMILE Menteng and Plaza Indonesia.

The kids with their parents had so much fun with the activities that we have conducted. We started with a Parade around Miniapolis and journeyed it with their heads up while holding their different banners in their respective team colors. Then it was followed by a pictorial where the smiles that they have given are like sun shining in the sky where the breeze of competitiveness shine through them. Immediately, the most awaited part has begun. They do different obstacle courses. These obstacle courses were divided into 4 stations. The first station is the “Crawling Tunnel”, station 2 is the “Planting Line”, station 3 is the “Egg Catching” and the last station is the “Crocodile Lake”. They have been thru the different stations like a lightning that is so ready to strike anytime. They have put their best to do all the activities. Though they are tired but they still pushed thru with it with all their might and dedication. But, the program will never be complete without the Awarding of Medals to this very wonderful kids and supportive parents.

The love of a Family is life‟s great-est blessing.

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