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Children enjoyed the long days of summer with the child centered programs in ISMILE Bellezza, Plaza Indonesia and Menteng

Infant and Toddler

It’s summer time... It is time for us again to enjoy a great holiday. ISMILE Bellezza held fun and interesting summer programs for infants and toddlers; it was done over the span of two weeks from June 23-July 6,2018. The theme for Week One was “Squeezy Mushy Play” and Week Twowas “Baby Kitchen”.

Sensory play was the focus of the infant and toddler activities. “Squeezy Mushy Play” presented sensory activities to enhance children’s fingergrasp, eye-hand coordination and fine motorskills. Most activities were done indoors. In all these, children were encouraged to squeeze the materials displayed.

During “Baby Kitchen” week, most activities involved their five senses. Forthis, some of the activities were done outside, thus allowing the children to engage in outdoor play. They enjoyed “cooking” things like leaf soup,chocolate lollipop and apple pie dough. It was a worry-free week as all the materials that the teachers prepared were edible and safe for children. Before they engaged in sensory play, the teacher would first encourage the young learners to touch, smell or taste the materials in order to stimulate the senses and identify the object.

Parents and Children were fully engaged in the activities, but the best thing is that the children got to enjoy the dish that they have made with their parents. What could be more fun than that?


Fun For Older Learners

ISMILE Bellezza offered summer programs for children to boost their confidence and build character from June 25 to July 13, 2018.The three week program offered three different themes to choose from: Mad Science for Week 1, The Dessert Master for Week 2 and ISMILE Asian Games for Week 3.

Mad Science – Children are always excited to do some science experiments and that is what all this week was about. We did experiments such as making a volcano, walking water, and a rain cloud in a jar, to name a few. Before the start of every experiment, children were asked to predict what would happen. We then tested their hypotheses. They were intrigued by some of the outcome and enjoyed it a lot that they asked for them to repeat some of the experiments.

The Dessert Master – Children learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling and listening. The Dessert Master program provided practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, following directions and measuring to the children. It helped the children to develop fine motorskills, eye-hand coordination, and even concepts of Math (by counting) and Science (by mixing the ingredients).

ISMILE Asian Games - Sports are a great way for children to learn essential life skills that will serve them in later life – such as teamwork and cooperation. ISMILE Asian Games also taught the children soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and patience. On top of all those, this week helped the children to develop agility, coordination, and balance.

This summer program also helped the students who will join N1 to adapt anddeal with new situations – focusing on preparing for the opening of classes. It also gave an opportunity to other students to develop socially as they interacted with other students with different background and personalities.

A great success, roughly 30 students enrolled in the summer program at ISMILE Bellezza.

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