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Beat the heat

Beating the heat this past summer was made more remarkable with ISMILE’s Summer Program. It ran for three weeks, from June 25 to July 13, and targeted children from infant until 6 years of age. Age appropriate, well-crafted, and fun-filled activities were provided for our young learners.

The first week let the children become junior scientists in ‘Spectacular Science Fun’ to embark on a series of hands-on science adventures. Midway through, the infants and toddlers flexed their cooking muscles in the ‘Baby Kitchen’, while the Nursery and Kindergarten.

children were either on their way to becoming a‘Dessert Master’ or were engaging in sports through the ‘Mandarin ISMILE Asian Games’. On its final leg, the youngest ones had a grand time immersing them selves in ‘Squeezy Mushy Play’ while the older groups played sports in the ‘English ISMILE Asian Games’ or had a hearty meal as they prepared ‘Soupand Noodles’ in Mandarin.

The ISMILE Summer Program not only provided an avenue for the children to experience new things,or the familiar in novel ways, but enriched their interactions with their peers and teachers. It truly was a meaningful and fun way to spend the summer holiday!




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