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3, 2, 1… Blast off!

In this year’s summer program, ISMILE Plaza Indonesia was filled with laughter and excitement. From science experiments to cooking, students enjoyed developing and exploring while experiencing new and exciting learning environments. Our summer program offered both ISMILE and non-ISMILE students the opportunity to discover new interests, the encouragement to explore familiar subjects in new ways, and the chance to socialize while developing cultural awareness.

In the first week, children enjoyed their summer being “mad scientist.”By creating different experiments from rocket ships, making bubbles, exploding volcanoes having fun in the dark, writing with invisible ink and many more, children learned that science is not just a topic learned and that the world is full of amazing gifts from God waiting for us to discover and explore.

In the second week, children indulged in finger licking activities as they became little chefs. Children had a chance to practice and exercise their motorskills – from mixing, rolling, using their creativity in decorating and practicing their listening skills as the instructor explained each activity – all while playing with food. This week was nothing short of fun.

The third week of the summer program was filled with twirling, tumbling,kicking, throwing and many more. As the children completed each day of our version of the Asian Games.

ISMILE’s summer program has been developed to encourage our young learners to enjoy learning through non traditional methods. As the world is our learning play ground, we encourage children of all ages to explore its great wonders. See you next summer!




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