Graduation 2018


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Kindergarten graduation is an exciting milestone for our preschoolers. It is another significant highlight achieved by ourchildren. Thirty-one K2’s from ISMILE Bellezza marched confidently on the wonderful stage of Titan Center last Saturday, June 2, 2018. It was well-attended by loving andvery supportive parents and families who appreciated the hardwork of their preschoolers, as they all look forward to going to Primary 1.

It was indeed a momentous occasion where the graduates showcased their acquired skills in emceeing both in English and Mandarin. They sang the National Anthem with pride and recited a poem in its English and Mandarin versions. Parents enjoyed their wonderful praise song, and after were tearyeyed when children sang their “thank you” songs. Parents were amazed by the children’s varied performances. Their children each had the opportunity to say a line, to be an actor, a dancer and a singer. Over all, the children enjoyed the experience and their parents had a wonderful time – priceless memories!

Words would never be enough to say thank you to all the parents who have entrusted their children’s preschool learning journey to ISMILE. Your unwavering support for and appreciation of your children, generous love, and trust will always be remembered by them and by us. God bless all the graduates as they take their next step to Primary 1. God bless every family!

The ISMILE Preschool Bandung Center held the Kindergarten Graduation Day, with the theme “Be Brave, Be Bold and Breakthrough” on the 3rd of June, 2018, at Theater Tertutup Dago Tea House. The fifteen multitalented kids – in their graduation gowns and caps – marched confidently through the theater a isle, ready to breakthrough.

The graduation was a family affair, and the K2 ISMILE Bandung pupils were truly blessed to have supportive, caring and loving parents who were such active participants in their culminating event. One of the program’s highlights was the class’s ukulele performance of the song “You are My Sunshine,” conducted by a Teacher. The graduates were able to show their appreciation to the most important people in their lives several times – with a thank you speech, a tribute by way of a picture-montage of their beautiful families, and a song entitled “Thanks to You.” This song was made even more special when they handed their gifts to their parents – a pendant fashioned after their own drawing of their family.

The awarding of the certificates was an ISMILE family affair,with School Directors Ms. Mei and Ms. Pipi, together with Bandung Center Coordinator Ms. Fem, congratulating each child and his orher parents.

After the passing of the key of responsibility to the incoming K2s, and giving their batch gift to the school, the graduates were ready to say goodbye to ISMILE, their teachers, and their kindergarten life. They sang and danced to show their readiness to “break through” and enjoy their new journey in primary school with their graduation song, “I’m Ready to Go.” Being brave in taking on new adventures and being bold in facing new challenges – these fifteen fresh graduates are indeed ready to go and have their breakthrough.

It was with tremendous pride that we sent our children off to elementary school. Last May 31, 2018 at the Ice Palace in Jakarta. After preparing them both academically and socially, we believe our students will be able to compete well and healthily in elementary school.

The K2s came up with the theme “What Makes Me Happy, Makes Me Shine” and even their own performances after an epic discussion and planning.

The children agreed to form the Star Shine Band and to perform the popular song “Baby Shark”. Renee played had the cello, Kiandra played the violin, William was on keyboard, Hiroshi and Arthur were on the drums, Victoria played the ukulele, while Darren, Aiden and Naesa were the vocalists. They also gave their last speeches as kindergarten students in English and Mandarin.

Special thanks to our parents, who have provided unceasing support and amazing ideas, and to the teachers who have been instrumental in educating these children from their infancy – and now, from little acorns they have grown into mighty oaks.


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