A Letter to Parents


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Miss Maryati talks about how important open communication is in building relationships

At ISMILE, we partner with parents so that all children progress beyond expectations, develop holistically with positive character values and a deep lovefor learning, while acquiring the skills essential to thrive in the 21st century.-Mission and Vision

The word “partner” is defined by Merriam-Webster as a person with whomone shares an intimate relationship. I find this quite interesting. It makes onewonder – “How can one build good relationships? How can we work at apartnership based on our mutual love and best intentions for “our” children? Old wisdom says that good relationships are founded on open communication.

The whole ISMILE community is committed in making sure that we not only maintain a good relationship, but also grow trust and strengthen harmonious collaboration in every step that we take in ensuring that our children develop both in the academics and in their character.

From the day we opened our very first centre more than a decade ago, wehave always striven to make sure that our children be nurtured so we could help them unlock their potential for growth. And we have always recognized the vital role that the family takes in this. The family is their first teacher;their home their first learning environment. We cherish each moment we getto spend with these young learners; and want to make sure that the learning processes that they have enjoyed in school are communicated to you clearly,so you may share in their growth and reinforce these successes at home.

That is why, above and beyond the conventional routes of communication such as PTCs, school memos and other scheduled meetings, the ISMILE educators take every opportunity to engage with you:

  • At pick-up time, you have a chance for a face-to-face meeting with the class teachers for an update about your child’s progress that day.
  • Teachers also regularly update through the different Whatsapp groups, sharing not only announcements or concepts discussed in class, butalso photos or videos of the children enjoying different classroom activities.
  • The whole ISMILE Family has invested in Educa, which is a secure child care software we have chosen to use to communicate the educational workflow, processes, and observations about your children's progress.

Having it all online (and at your fingertips) facilitates the detaileddocumentation and observation of the children, as each child’s developmentmay be given ample time and attention. As a parent myself, I feel that having these regular updates is such a precious gift that each parent should enjoy. It would be an unfortunate waste to miss out on sharing in your children’slearning and growth, enjoying the chance to witness their progress and processes. I encourage all of you, especially those parents who have just joined the ISMILE Family this academic year, to secure the appropriate details (such as your username and password) in order to easily log on to Educa.

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” ~ Lawrence Clark Powell

We look forward to deepening our partnership with you as we communicate through the different tools that have been made available for all of us to secure a solid support system for our growing young learners.

Your active online participation will greatly help our community. Visit our website at www.ismile.sch.id and/or connect with us through Instagram or Facebook @ismilepreschool and let us all grow together.

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