Bright Lights, Stage Dreams Broadway all the way!


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ISMILE Plaza Indonesia and Menteng Year-End Concert 2018

Influenced by the movie, sing, the show was naturally geared towards highlighting the skills and talents of our little ones as the setting primarily featured a theatre stage.

ISMILE children, their families, and loved ones gathered at the Ice Palace Concert Hall, Lotte Shopping Avenue last May 31st as the ISMILE Plaza Indonesia and Menteng centres merged again for the annual year-end concert. It was a fitting ending to a year filled with new beginnings, inspired changes, and significant learning processes.

Influenced by the movie, sing, the show was naturally geared towards highlighting the skills and talents of our little ones as the setting primarily featured a theatre stage. Learners from the Infant,Toddler, and N1 classes paid tribute to iconic musicalsin “Broadway, All the Way”, while the N2s and Ksunderlined the value of family legacy, pursuing one’s dream, and supporting others in their own dreams, in “Bright Lights, Stage Dreams”.

The vibrant projections, apt music, and colourful costumes enriched each scene, while the children showcased the lines, choreography, and skillsets they have picked up with diligence. All the learners from the different levels mustered up all they’ve learned this year to work cooperatively. We’d like to extend our gratitude to the parents, sponsors, management, faculty, and staff, whose support and efforts were paramount inproviding a platform where every ISMILE child shines



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