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ISMILE Bellezza Year-End Concert 2018

Younger Learners

Our Year End Concert was held on June 2, 2018 at Titan Center, Bintaro,Tangerang. When the program began, the energy of each performer could be felt even by the audience and parents. The whole theater was filled with resounding applause as each class swayed, jumped, danced, moved and even pirouetted to the beat of the music. Children’s and teachers’ voices enveloped the theater as they beautifully sang their songs for their siblings,parents and teachers.

To top off the performances, each class showed a simulated classroom activity presenting a specific lesson either in English, Math or Mandarin. The N1 Parents were delighted as they saw their children blossoming into performing young emcees together with a Teacher.

For a warm up song, Infant and Toddler Class danced to the Mandarin version of “The Wheels on the Bus.” The Infant Class together with the mommies presented the song, “The Little Red Box.” The N1 Class also showed us their cheerfulness in their opening song, “Deep, Deep, Deep,” followed by their Mandarin song, “Bao Wu De Shi Ye.” To showcase one of the things they learned, the Toddlers performed the “Rainbow Song.” The Nursery 1 classes demonstrated their stylish confidence in dancing: N1A had on their beach outfits for “Surf’s Up” while N1B, N1C and N1D had on their party costumes to present “Best Time Ever” and “I Want Candy.” The program ended well with the N1 children enthusiastically sang and danced to “Make Some Noise”.

Older Learners

The theme for this year’s concert was Celebrating Diversity. The diversity that we celebrated was not only difference in race, religion or nationality, but also the different little things we could care for the environment and our animal friends. The songs reflected this theme, with Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”(for N2B) and Black-Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love? (for N2A), “Paraiso,” sang by the K1s and “See You in Me,” a song for global peace and unity, performedby our K2B class.

The concept of the concert was ISMILE NEWS, allowing the Kindergarten 1 students to shine as news anchors and reporters, introducing each performance. The other children also did some showcases before their performances.

The Nursery 2 students exhibited their talents in Kindermusik, using instruments such as rhythm sticks, castanets and one bell jingle. The K1 also showcased their rhythmic skill using the rhythm sticks. The concertended with a bang, with a finale performance by all students, dancing to“Celebration.”

The success of our year end program was made possible through the support of some parents who generously shared their resources namely,Cotton Tail Event, Negiya, Otts and Jill, Bagus Group, Sofia and our other generous sponsors.



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