Brave, Bolder and Breakthrough!


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ISMILE Bandung Year-End Concert 2018

Insect Land in Ismile Bandung

June 4, 2018 at Dago Tea House was another spectacular year-end presentation for the ISMILE Bandung family. With this year’s theme, “Brave, Bolder and Breakthrough,” the talents and skills of the students were showcased. Swarms, hordes, colonies and armies litte red the show as the different classes came in their own insect costumes. Students from our Infant and Toddler B classes were crickets, Toddler Acame in as ants, N1As metamorphosed on stage from caterpillars into butterflies, N1Bs were beetles,N1Cs were grasshoppers, N2As were orchid mantises, N2Bs were ladybugs, N2Cs were greenflies, N2Ds lacewing flies, K1As were dragonflies, K1Bs were wasps, the K2s were spiders and cicadas, while the Oakwood students performed as stick insects.

In spite of the humongous workload in the writing of the script, planning, practicing, making of the backdrop and props, and in the recording of the musical numbers, everyone was still in good spirits. The teachers, as well as the non-teaching staff, shared the goal of producing a show that would not only “wow” the parents but would also make them realize how much their children’s skills have developed. Tired but not beaten, everyone could still smile, be humorous and enjoy the beat of the music. The children likewise practiced well to achieve perfection.

As out year-end presentation has, as always, been much anticipated, parents bought their tickets as soon as they were out. The parents involved themselves especially in the coordination of the colorful outfits for their children. On the day of our presentation, the venue was full to the rafters with our parents and visitors eagerly waiting for each class performance.

It has been the culture of ISMILE to end every year with a bang. True to its tradition, ISMILE Bandung’s Year-End Presentation entitled “Brave, Bolder and Breakthrough” exhibited the talents, voices, dance moves and the overall musicality of the ISMILE Bandung pupils. They also proudly shared some of the concepts learned this year in different subject areas – helping the ISMILE and Oakwood kids showcase not only their performing skills but also their different smarts. Indeed, the great year-end was just the icing to top off the great cake-of-a-year. And so, all together the Bandung family eagerly says, “See you again next year!

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