Echoes of Christmas


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Christmas represents the birth of our savior. This is the most important season for the entire Christian world when both the young and not so young anticipate the joy of the season.

ISMILE Bandung joined the entire Christian world in this joyous celebration through music and dance in our program entitled “Echoes of Christmas”.

To promote camaraderie, togetherness and build new friendship among students and parents, children from different levels were grouped together creating a multi-level of talents and skills in each presentation. As usual, parents took part in the preparation of the costumes. To show their tremendous support in this year’s Christmas program, we also enjoyed parent performances coming from IT, N1, K1A, K2 and the “multi-level” Daddy’s band.

Heartwarming song and dance presentations filled the entire Graha Arkana last December 7, 2018, as students, teachers, and parents of ISMILE Bandung serenaded their audience. The first part of the program was “Joyful, Joyful” presented by selected N2, K1, K2, and Oakwood students, with Miss Lilis, Abigail (K2) and Mommy Kristin as their lead singers. Wearing their colorful Christmas costumes, the Toddlers and their moms sang and danced to the music of “Jingle Bell Rock” with singing from Rashiqa (K2) and Mommy Cindy on the keyboard.

Not to be outdone, the Infant class with their parents sang and danced in the music of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, this time with Mommy Debbie singing lead. After which, an acrostic presentation was done by the N1, N2, K1 and Oakwood students with Mommy Frisca in the song, “Christmas Alphabet”. “When Christmas Comes to Town” was presented by the chosen pupils from N1, N2, and Oakwood. This was followed by the K2 and some N1 children singing and dancing to the tune of “Deck the Halls’. The next presenters were the N1, N2, K1 B and Oakwood pupils with the song “Winter Wonderland”. N1, N2, K1, K2, and Oakwood pupils, together with Bandung Center Coordinator Ms. Femia, sang and interpreted the song “Silent Night’.


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