Christmas Concert 2018


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Together with K1-B and N2 students, the K1-A pupils, with the families of Russell and Areta, Naoki and Reizo, Alessa and Scott, Queeny and Irina and their K1-A Lead teacher Ms. Hellena joyfully sang “Christmas in Our Hearts”. The K2 video presentation of “Born is the King” (shot and edited by Daddy Vincent) showcased the desire of each pupil to feel, understand, share, and echo the true meaning and joy of Christmas in their hearts as they encourage each parent to participate in the sharing of gifts for the Palu victims.

Not to be outdone, volunteer daddies decided to put up their own band to share and show their skills and talents to the ISMILE Bandung community. The members of the Daddy Band are Kiera’s daddy Ronald on the keyboard and vocals, Stacy and Wilson’s daddy William on the base guitar, Yael’s daddy Vincent on the lead guitar, and Ethan’s daddy Alexander on the drums. They sang several Christmas songs to the delight of the pupils, other parents and guests.

It was definitely a Christmas Presentation to remember. We earnestly hope to see everyone in the next year’s Christmas program. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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