It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas!


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This year’s Christmas concert had the theme Holly Jolly Christmas! ISMILE Menteng and ISMILE PI worked hand in hand to come up with a concert that showcased each child’s skills and talents. The event was held at the Ice Palace Concert Hall last December 1, 2018.

The story revolved around six children who met during their last day of school and shared the different ways that they celebrate Christmas with their family. Each tradition was brought to life by respective classes from both centers who gave their best in coming up with presentations that demonstrate the customs.

N2 Menteng were very entertaining as they presented the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree by dancing “The Happiest Christmas Tree”, while N2s from PI presented their own version of the custom of caroling to the tune of “Carol of Bells”.

K1 Menteng gave a magnificent performance as they danced “The Little Drummer Boy”, which depicted the tradition of sharing and going to church.

K1s and K2s from PI on the other hand had an integrated showcase to show the tradition of gift giving. They did not only came up with a story of children working together to depict the value of sharing, they also gave a heartwarming performance of the songs “It Feels Like Christmas” and “Christmas in Our Hearts”.

Finally, the K2s from Menteng were able to retell the nativity story splendidly which they concluded with another captivating dance of “Joy to the World”.

As a culmination to the story, K1s and K2s from Menteng joined together in presenting the Mandarin song “Because Jesus Loves You, There’s Christmas”.

Children and parents alike enjoyed the concert, which also served as a reminder for everyone about the true meaning of Christmas.

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