Children’s Week Celebration ISMILE Menteng

03 March 2019


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Day 1: Family Breakfast

A fun-filled week celebrating young children started with a Family Breakfast on Day 1. Parents and children came to school in their pajamas with their favorite breakfast food for potluck. The program started with a song number from the ISMILE children, ” We’ve All Got Rights”. After which, the following videos were presented: Children’s Rights, ISMILE children doing handprints on their posters, and the Importance of Eating Healthy Food. Families gathered and enjoyed the potluck consisting of healthy food for breakfast.

Day 2: Celebrates The Right to Quality Education

Part of our celebration for this day is to thank the people in ISMILE who help us at school. The children watched the video of each ISMILE family member as they worked: the cook, the receptionists, the partners/helpers, the guards and the gardener. After watching the video, they visited the different areas in ISMILE to meet and greet the people and thank them personally for working hard. The cook, helpers, guard and the admin staff discussed their work to the children. Each meet-up ended with a group photo and a heartfelt thanks.

This activity was a good opportunity for the children and the ISMILE members to take their time to bond and mingle. The children were able to say the proper names of the staff and hear them talk about their jobs in school.

Day 3: Celebrates The Right to Full Opportunity for Play and Recreation

The children had a blast playing at the playground. A special set up was made to give the children different ways to experience water play. These include activities and materials such as bubble blowing, kiddie pool, water sprinkler, water bombs, mini pools with rubber duckies, water transferring, water slide and squeezing sponges and water beads activity.

They engaged in the different activities and enjoyed being with their ISMILE friends. After the water play, the children gathered at the hall and watched short film movies as they relaxed and ate their popcorns and cereals.

Day 4: Celebrates The Right to Be Useful Members of the Society

The day started with a gathering at the hall. A PowerPoint presentation was shown about what children can do at school, that even at an early age they can already help and become responsible children like sorting out their dishes at the Snack Area, planting seeds in the garden, and tidying up after playing. The children were also encouraged to donate some of their pre-loved books and toys to the less fortunate. It is a joy to see them handing their bags of toys and books on stage without any hesitations.

The second activity for Day 4 was a prelude to the next day’s United Nations celebration. The children came to school in their “Travel Attire” and each child was provided with a pretend passport as he/she travels to the four countries. Teachers were dressed up as flight attendants pretending that the class will fly on an airplane.

Each classroom was turned into countries reflective of Korea, Ghana, India and England. The children got the chance to move around to visit each room and experience what it is like to be in a particular country. They engaged in the different activities provided.

The event ended well and the children seemed happy. It was a wonderful experience having the parent volunteers as they made the Children’s Week a memorable and fruitful one for the ISMILE children.

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