United Nations Celebration Embracing Diversity, Promoting Unity ISMILE Menteng

08 March 2019


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We started our UN day celebration with the activity “Traveling Around the World”. Each class had the chance to visit four countries: Korea, Ghana, England, and India. Parents and teachers worked together to prepare for children’s visit. Children wore their travel attire and brought their “passports” with them. They were welcomed by parent volunteers and well-decorated classrooms with different activities that were specific to each country.

We had a fashion show of parents and children wearing their chosen national costumes on the second day. This is a symbol of the celebration of the uniqueness of each country that each family chose to represent and how embracing and respecting diversity promotes unity.

Parents and children also worked together in completing the ISMILE community replica comprised of nine traditional houses. Each house represents the heritage of each member of ISMILE Menteng Family coming from Australia, China, Ghana, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Ireland.

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