Children’s Week Celebration ISMILE Belleza


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Last October, we were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate an important event of the children in ISMILE. An event that highlights the wonders of being a child - Children’s Week. We had a week-long celebration across levels in ISMILE where different activities and events were celebrated each day. The celebration was interesting this year since there was a new touch of experience for the children to enjoy. Each day was something to look forward to since it highlighted unique children’s activity.

We kicked-off the celebration with the Book Day where all the children joined the parade wearing their favorite book characters followed by a book based skit “The Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. Next was a picnic and movie day, where we started off with a scavenger hunt around school. Bond across levels were exhibited and concern and care for the younger levels were also seen through play and during snack time. Wednesday was the school’s Sports fest where each class wore their vibrant class colors. Children showed their enthusiasm as they presented their class cheer then everyone proceeded to various teacher-led activities around school that involved them to get moving and bring out their body and kinesthetic intelligences. Career Day was the next activity where they dressed up according to what they want to be when they grow up. Doctors, pilots, police officers, car racers and astronauts were some of the few occupations the children represented.

The Children’s Week Celebration was more than just classroom and teacher- led activities, it was more of celebrating the children’s innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom, after all it’s their week.

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