United Nations Day Celebration ISMILE Belleza

15 March 2019


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ISMILE Bellezza’s UNITED NATIONS DAY held last October 26, 2018 was the culmination of Children’s Week. The children started the day with a parade around the school where they were able to display their colorful costumes from different countries; K2-Spain, K1A-Korea, K1B-Mexico, N2A-China, N2B-India, N1A-Africa, and N1B-Japan. The parade was followed through by class performances that showcased the children’s skills in singing and dancing. For the finale of the program, the parents were treated for a surprise performance from all classes. The parents were also asked to join in performing “It’s A Small World” by Disney, led by the students. The celebration didn’t end just yet after the presentations were finished because mommies from almost all sections volunteered to do classroom activities that represented the class’ assigned country.

The children learned so much about different countries and their cultures through books and videos. They also learned through hands on experiences of the different dances, songs, art activities, as well as through the food that was shared by parents. It was overall a very fun and productive week for ISMILE Bellezza Family. May the children continue to grow up loving and respecting all races, religions, and colors.

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