Children’s Week And United Nations Day Celebration Unity ISMILE Plaza Indonesia


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ISMILE Plaza Indonesia builds the children’s sense of unity and togetherness through Children’s Week and the United Nation Day celebration. It started with Children’s Week program then the U.N. Day as our closing event. Different themes were applied every day and we all wore different costumes according to theme of the day. Parents and other family members were invited to join our Caring Day, where parents came in with their pajamas, and the children served healthy and delicious breakfast for them. Caring and sharing were shown as well when the children went around the school to share cards, snack, and toys to the school’s helpers and staff. They also shared them to the Miniapolis’ staff and security guards in Plaza Indonesia. The parents, children and the school staff also worked together in preparing the children’s work exhibit and ISMILE Loves Lombok Bazaar. We were proud to witness their generosity and awareness of other people, like a tiny seed of good character that we have planted in them.

The IT classes of Plaza Indonesia also joined in celebrating Children’s Week and the United Nations’ Day. The children, as well as their parents, excitedly came to school wearing the theme for the day. They were asked to come to school wearing a shirt of their favorite color, book character and their pajamas. One unforgettable day was when they were asked to wear a clothing of their choice. At a young age, they are taught to make simple decisions and practice their rights. During the UN Day, they also joined the parade and performed on stage. They waved their flags while the song “Hello Song” by Global Wonders. It was an enjoyable day for all of them.

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