Children’s Week and United Nations Day Celebration ISMILE Bandung


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On October 15 - 19, 2018, children celebrated Children’s Week. In that week, the children talked about the country that they would represent during the celebration of United Nations Day on October 19, 2018. The countries that they represented were: the Netherlands, America, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, China, Turkey, Korea, and Hawaii (USA). Before representing the country, children had a chance to get to know their country in depth by learning about its culture, artworks, famous landmarks and places, traditional foods, dances, and so on. To add excitement to the learning, the children decorated their classrooms with the flag of their representative country and learned to speak the language. They greeted each other using the language of the chosen country and learned some words and sentences, too.

Moreover, parents were involved in this learning. On the day the children learned about traditional foods, parents helped to prepare and bring different dishes. Each child brought different types of traditional foods that enabled them to share among themselves. All their learning was completed by their performance during the United Nations Day celebration which was held in Institut Francais Indonesia, Bandung. Thank you to the parents again, for being so involved in making the children’s beautiful outfits. The celebration went well and the children learned the spirit of unity when they gathered together.

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