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Nursery 1A Project Work – Reflection

As we are going deeper into the reflection in the mirror, the children spent more time checking themselves in the mirror. They discovered that not only face part that they can see, but also different facial expressions. This week we talked more about different kinds of feeling.

Nursery 1B Project Work – Rabbit

On the 2nd term of the school year, the N1B students did a project work to observe an animal: Rabbit. The children put much enthusiasm when the teacher provided pictures, video and books related to rabbit. They were able to explore the pictures of rabbits through touch and coloring. The children were also able to observe how a rabbit hops and eats carrot. On the 2nd week of their project week, the teachers brought 2 real life rabbits to school and the children got very excited to see them. It’s really interesting to see how the children were able to learn how to play, touch and feed the rabbit. They did not kick or do anything to harm the rabbits, they were curious and went after the rabbits knowing that it is the right way to play with them. They even knew carrots and vegetables are their food, and they also learned how to carry and pet the rabbit gently. Children have so much passion for animals; the N1B class was able to show it by having 2 rabbits as their class pet.

Nursery 2A Project Work - Fish

Our Nursery 2A students were intrigued by the topic on fishing after we read a storybook about fishing. They decided they want to explore more about fishing. We learned about the different tools used in fishing, such as the fishing rod, the fishing net, the bait and many more. After a few weeks, the children moved their discussion on fish instead. Their interest has now shifted to learning more about fish and the different types of fish. As part of the learning process, a real dead fish was brought into the class. We explored the different parts of the fish and went on to do some fish printings. The children were excited and not put off by the smell at all. We will continue to discover types of fish and how to look after a pet fish as well.

Nursery 2B/D Project Work – Desserts

N2B and N2D children started their interest on food whenever they get the chance to explore the cooking areas present both in the gym hall and playground. They love mixing ingredients, serving food, cooking the food and naming all ingredients present. The teachers observe this for about a month and decided to start introducing more cooking toys and loose parts in the classroom as well. Among all the classroom materials, it was evident that children in both classes love and enjoy cooking materials. So, the class had a show and tell about their favorite food. After, it was decided to make a food collage of what they brought. Since food and cooking are still broad topics, the food collage helped a lot since it concentrated more on baking desserts. KWL chart was also started and information, questions and plans are listed down. For 2 months, the class had been answering their questions and experiencing how to bake desserts. Pancakes, cupcakes, chocoball were just a few among all the desserts they’ve baked. The children drew how they interpret their favorite desserts. Soon they will draw it again and see the difference of their drawings. A chart will also be made to see how many in the class like a certain type of dessert. Children will also try to make desserts that they can share and sell soon to other teachers and mommies. Plans for mini fieldtrip are also present to enhance the knowledge and experience of the children.

K1B Project Work – Planting

For term 3, K1B children decided to continue their planting project. The children voted to plant potatoes as they are interested in seeing them grow, and to be able to have more produce to make fries. K1B mommies are also arranging for an upcoming field trip in a learning farm. The class is looking forward to getting to know more about plants and planting most especially in a farm setting.

K1A Project Work - Dogs

For the past two terms, the children learned a lot of information about dogs from the books they brought from home and books we borrowed from the library. One recent activity was when they invited two mommies who are dog-enthusiasts. The parents brought three small dogs in class. The children were able to recall the parts of the dog, their needs, habitat and the proper care for them. It was a therapeutic experience for some who were not so fond of this animal. The friendly dogs helped them to overcome their fears and change their mindset and attitude toward dogs. It was an amazing time of fun and discovery for the children to actually pet and play with the three dogs. At the end of the experience, everyone hoped to have their own pet dog at home.

Last month, during the busy preparations for the Christmas concert, the children expressed their intention to explore a new topic. When they came back from the holiday, the class had a farewell discussion about dogs and then they decided to pursue a new topic which is about writing, drawing and coloring. They are now on their first phase of the new project work topic.

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