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The journeys of all the different classes through each of their project works were amazing to witness. Each class had its own story to tell. How our Nursery 1 friends used “fish” in learning different literacy and numeracy concepts was ingenious. The way all three Nursery 2 classes included their parents (through parent volunteering sessions) to pursue their topics further fostered a deeper sense of fellowship within the classes. The high level of engagement and the profound emotional investment of the teachers, students and parents in the Kindergarten 1A class on their topic of cooking was concretized in the construction of the outdoor oven in the ISMILE Bandung garden. The way the Kindergarten 1B class’s topic of “wild animals” flourished into discussions on geography and even land and water forms was magical.

The Oakwood Academy had its own journey delving into “monsters” and “unusual animals”, which touched on STEAM, literacy, pop culture, ICT, and geography; as well 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration. This culminated in our Project Presentation last December 12, 2018. Parents and guests not only enjoyed hearing what the students learned throughout the semester, but also engaged in activities themselves such as clay modeling, streamer-making and loose parts art.

Although all the classes had their own journeys, all of us are in agreement: this has made our learning truly special and memorable. Who says learning and growing could not be fun and exciting? Until the next journey, friends!

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