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After meeting with the veterinarian, N1 kids had a better idea now on how to handle the rabbit gently, how to feed it wisely and how rabbits want to play. With some boxes and toys provided, the children seem to enjoy using their imagination and pretending to be the doctor or as the pet rabbit playing in the box. This project helped develop their language skills as they name the food the rabbit can eat. It also helped them encourage to play with their classmates during pretend play.

For the next term, we will let the children meet other people who own some rabbits, too. We will visit a petting zoo where children can experience being surrounded with many rabbits and feed them at the same time.


The N2 class of ISMILE Menteng started exploring playdough based on the schema of transformation. Their repeated pattern of play showed that they liked to manipulate the dough and add on a loose part, such as twigs, grass, stone, and googly eyes to name a few. As their exploration progressed, the class showed a notable interest in molding the play dough into a snake. Hence, their study on snakes commenced. The class were able to delve deeper and learned about its anatomy, habitat, food consumption, and types. Their study culminated with learning more from a group of snake enthusiasts on how to take care of snakes as well as viewing select snakes that they have brought along. After this significant event, the interest of the children with snakes seemed to wane and shifted towards pretend play - cooking. Thus, by the end of term 2, they were often in the outdoor mud kitchen coming up with dishes using natural materials such as sand, water, soil, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.

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