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Our class has come a long way on our investigation about cars. What started as an interest on different kinds of vehicles developed as an investigatory project about cars, their different parts, ways to take care of them, and finally, car engines and tools.

Term 2 was an exciting term as children engaged on their first field visit to Porsche center Jakarta. With the help of their head mechanic, the children were able to find the answers to some of their ‘wondering’ questions.

In the classroom, they were able to discuss the things that they learned from the field visit. We also worked on several experiments that helped them in finding answers to other questions that were not answered during the field visit.

Furthermore, the children deepened their vocabulary with words like friction, lubricant, experiment, explode, and data. They also strengthened their data gathering skills by plotting information using tables, graphs, and working on “before and after” observational drawings.

It was indeed a fun-filled and meaningful investigation! We are excited to continue on our exploration about car engines and tools this term. With the help of the new artifacts and tools in our project area, we are thrilled to finally find all the answers to all our questions about car engines!

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