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This Week's Verse :
Always try to be kind to each other.
1 Thessalonians 5:15
When we're waiting, riding in the car, or at bedtime, we play this game to review a Bibble verse from my child's take-home paper from church.
I give directions for an action such as, Put your hands on your shoulders, and say it loud and clear and then together we recite the verse. We say it with lots of directions (clap your hands, touch your toes, jump up and down, etc). After a while, my kids know what to do and they have fun giving the directions.
Try this:
I like to catch my kids doing something good on their own. If we're working on being kind, and she picks up a toy the baby drops and gives it back to him, i might say, You were kind to the baby to pick up his toy. I find that she looks for ways to be kind so she can hear about it from me.

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