Fun with Clay


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Clay is a unique material that even without adult assistance. Children can construct objects by themselves. As our children mold it, squish it, roll it, shape it, poke it, or just simply touch it, they are developing their manipulative skills through experimenting with the texture and shape of the clay.
When this self-initiated activity is introduced to our children, it stimulates the development of their eye-hand coordination concurrently their small and large muscles. As our older learners were given the chance to work with clay, they easily fall in love with this new experience. The activity gives them some quiet period enhancing their attention span as they fully engaged in the activity. The tactile and visual exploration from the clay brings learners into deeper engagement into what they are doing, as well as a further enhancement of their imagination and creativity.
From simple clay provocation provided in the classroom, into small pottery workshop in our atelier where discovery and creativity happen, exploring with clay and doing pottery are big “why not?”
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