Tap, Shake, and Swivel


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The tambourine is a musical instrument played in numerous ways, classical, pop and rock music accompanied by the tambourine bring fascinating, graceful movements and sounds that one will think how easy and simple it is to do. Most children are familiar and enjoy dancing the hip-hop or ballet dances but they are alienated in dancing with the music of tambourine. Dancing with tambourine requires precision and coordinated movement of the hands, legs, and feet with the beat of the music.
Every Thursday of October, our enrichment classes were focused on learning the tambourine dance. As the children progressed to learn how to tap, shake and swivel the tambourine, they began to appreciate and enjoy the power of this instrument. They started exploring and creating their own dance steps along with the beat of the tambourine. Our final session ended with a dance created by the children and it was a fun learning experience
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