Noche Buena: The Book of Christmas


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Christmas is a time of festivity and celebration of love and giving; and is celebrated around the world in many different ways.

In ISMILE, Christmas concert is one of our school big events celebrated to pay tribute to Jesus Christ, our Lord. On December 6th, ISMILE Bandung’s Christmas concert was held in French Institute with the theme, “Noche Buena: The Book of Christmas”. Children were divided into two groups, hence, there were two consecutive programs on that day.

The concert both commenced with a prayer. It was a great kick off start when children performed “Jump for Joy” (N1C) and “It’s Christmas” (K2A) for their praise songs. To join the group in glorifying God, another song and dance numbers were presented to the tunes of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by N1B and “Silent Night” by K2B as worship songs. Furthermore, our Mandarin teachers also prepared for the opening number; N1A class danced “Live Out of Love” while combined classes from N2A and B sang and danced “Love Overflows”. Christmas concert didn’t get this intense when all the teachers from ISMILE surprised the guests with their splendid dance to greet everyone “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!”

The program officially started when Director of Operations gave her heartfelt welcome message to open the Book of Christmas. The story was led by real life father.

She found a book about the true meaning of Christmas and requested for her father to read it. Each chapter has a character to where its focus is. Infant and Toddler A hit the floor with “I’m a Little Star” (Family), followed by Toddler B with their Daddies on the stage, “My Only Wish” (Gifts). N1A amazed the audience by dancing to “Ding Dong” (Home), N1B grooved to the sound of “A Holly Jolly Christmas” (Togetherness) and to end the first program, N1C moved to the beat of “Feliz Navidad” (Obedience).

The second program was also packed with exciting numbers from higher classes: N2 to K2. This time, characters were focused on: Love for Grandma, a contemporary dance performed by N2A with the music of “Love Is Christmas”; Happiness, N2B made everyone happy with their “Wonderful Christmas Time” dance; it was time for a Sleigh Ride as K1A showed the true meaning of Friendship on their performance; K1B interpreted the song “Last Christmas” as their dance portrayed Forgiveness; K2A associated their dance with Christmas in North Pole just when “Mary’s Born Child” came to existence and finally K2B gave their best shot to showcase Humility with their music and movement to the tune of Happy Birthday Jesus and Santa’s Coming for Us”.

Lastly, the children were united in their finale song, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” No matter what is Christmas to any person, the concert’s message this year was indeed a great reminder to everyone that good values and love for family and friends as exemplified by Jesus Christ is worthy of celebration. No doubt, it is God that we need on Christmas to reign in our hearts, to be the center of our homes, and to strengthen our families.

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