Christmas Holiday Program 2019


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ISMILE Bandung offered a Christmas Holiday Program 2019 on December 09 – 20. It was divided in two weeks of classes that brought together learning and fun non-academic themed day activities for children who love to spend their Christmas break at school. This program was joined by ISMILE kids and enthusiastic friends from other school.

On the first week, our theme was “Christmas Carols”. Each day was filled with bundle of happenings dedicated on learning Christmas songs back to back with wide-ranging hands-on Christmas explorations wherein children of different ages from toddlers to primary levels enjoyed discovery learning. The kids got excited accomplishing daily activities like arts and crafts, games, learning more about Christmas in congruence to the song of the day. The most awaited part where kids truly look forward to was poking of the Christmas tree wherein a surprise treat was at stake to bring home on that day.

The second week had an engaging theme, “Spirit of Christmas”. As the theme says, the week brought emphasis on diverse celebrations to feel the warmth and spirit of Christmas from different parts of the world.

The Christmas Holiday Program was conducted to help children build their potentials by encouraging them to participate and stay active on the Christmas themed activities along with other friends.

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