Santa’s Cookie Crew: Holiday Program - Week 2


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This week’s theme is entitled Santa’s Cookie Crew. For that reason, the class pretended to be pastry chefs as they make their own cookies, cake, and other desserts. It was a week full of fun as the children experienced baking and cooking. The children tried and tasted their own creations and even brought home some for their parents to try.

Here is the yummy menu for the week:

Day 1: Cornflake Chocolate Melting

Day 2: Ginger Cookies

Day 3: Banana Cake

Day 4: Christmas Cake

Day 5: Oreo Pudding

During the week, the children also enjoyed doing art and craft activities. They made Christmas tree and snowman, fingerprint Christmas card, footprint Christmas ornament and their personal snow globe.

The children were very proud and excited to bring home all their creations! It was a sure sign that they had so much fun throughout the weekend.

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