A Wonka Christmas: Holiday Program - Week 1


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It’s ISMILE Bellezza’s first ever Holiday Program and what better way to kick start this new tradition than to learn how to make Christmas Desserts that every-one in the family will surely enjoy receiving. Throughout the week, the children learned how to make chocolates, brownies, cake, and cookies! They also enjoyed decorating all the mentioned goodies using colorful frosting that they also help make. Each day, the children were able to bring home something special to be shared to their families. The children also had the opportunity to go around the school to thank all the teachers, helpers, and staff by singing Christmas Songs and giving out chocolates that they personally made.

The children were able to express more of their creativity during art and craft sessions where they made Christmas Inspired toques, place mats, and center table decorations. On the last day of the week, the children helped set-up the table to make it look more festive for the class’ Christmas Celebration! Everyone did a great job the whole week! Everyone in the school truly felt the Christmas Spirit during the Holiday Program.

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