K1A Mini Field Trip


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Kindergarten 1A children completed one of their plans as they pursue their project work on Fire trucks – to visit a fire station. Last December 4, K1A visited Puri Kembangan Fire Station in Jl. Kembangan Raya No. 7, RT. 2 / RW. 2, Kembangan Utara. This mini field became more fun because K1B friends and teachers joined as well.

The fire station was clean and spacious enough to accommodate the children. The wonderful firemen cheerfully showed the different tools they use to rescue people. They also allowed them to touch some of the tools and try a few equipments. The children particularly enjoyed two activities: the spraying of water and the fire truck ride! It was a refreshing sight to see them spray and play with water. The fire truck ride was a great experience too. The children heard the siren and saw a better view of the road as they rode on the huge red truck around the block.

We would like to thank all mommies for their support, for mommies who lent their cars, and for the nanny volunteers. It was a priceless experience and the children will surely remember it for a long time.

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