Multiple Intelligences


How is Your Child Smart

We do not ask how SMART is your child because people who ask that question tend to think of children as smart only in 2 limited ways - word or logic smart; we ask how is your child SMART as according to Harvard University Professor, Howard Gardner, there are at least 8 ways a person is smart.

When one step into ISMILE, one cannot help but notice the role of the environment as the third teacher and our conviction with what Loris Malaguzzi and documentation, we understand each child's different dominant and strong intelligences and the different ways they learn and express themselves. Instructional strategies are adapted and crafted thoughtfully and creatively to meet the different needs of each child, thereby bringing out the best in them. The child's confidence is built up, being given opportunities to shine and excel in his or her intelligent areas, and where there is respect and recognition of a child's achievement, the child has no fear of exploring new grounds and the joy of learning is birthed.

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