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Mr. Larry & Mrs. Erlina

Becoming a parent for a child who is born in a pandemic situation has made me overthink in many details. Especially for the social development of my first daughter who has no siblings and hardly interacts with other children of her age due to social limitation policy in many places until mid-2022. Enrolling her in ISMILE Preschool toddler class is one of my biggest relief. In 3 months of class attending, we have seen developments in social emotion, language, gross and fine motors, cognitive, and many new experiences.

A thoughtful curriculum, theme, decoration, in class and outdoor activity have been delivered and wrapped in a playful way yet very memorable and deep in every term, week, and daily class. There was a time when our daughter didn’t want to try the activity, but by seeing her friend doing the activity, she was eager to try that activity at home. The outdoor activity that is part of everyday class is what we are looking for. This assures us as parents that iSMILE Preschool’s toddler class is the best choice for our daughter.