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Mrs. Amanda

Before enrolling my firstborn in ISMILE, my husband and I didn’t think it was necessary for kids that young to be in school. It was at a time where covid was high and we found ourselves unsure how to occupy our toddler’s time and energy. As covid dragged on and cut us off from social interactions, we decided to enroll Danica in ISMILE offline school the first chance we could. It was a challenging time for her to get used to a new environment, new people and also separation from us. However as time passed, we saw our little girl maturing and coming out of her shell. She became more confident in herself and took less time to adjust to new surroundings. I owe this to the patient support and guidance of the loving teachers in ISMILE, being there every step of the way. After seeing what a difference starting school young can make, my second daughter has been in ISMILE since toddlerhood, and enjoying it immensely.