Ms. Shelvia Vivi, Parent of Christopher Refallo Purboyo Tan and Samuel Mathias Purboyo Tan
I've 2 kids and both of them are in ISMILE. Ever since toddler till now. As from what I see, they become more confident especially on stage Read more >>
Ms. Jacqueline, Parent of Lisa
ISMILE has always been my favorite school. I have sent both of my children to ISMILE for both the infant and toddler class and I can obviously see growth in my children in cognitive skills Read more >>
Ms. Jocelyn, Parent of Kyle and Rhys
As a Canadian moving my family to Jakarta, the biggest challenge was not only having my children adjust to attending a new school but in a new country. Read more >>
Ms. Anita, Parent of Joanne and Averie
When you see your kids are blossoming, you must have done something right. Being a parent is never easy. You have a person (or more) with so many hidden potentials Read more >>
Ms. Cindy, Parent of Easton and Hazel
As a parent at ISMILE Bellezza, I feel like being a part of a family. A family that is working together towards one goal, developing my children to their best potential. Read more >>
Ms. Erisca, Parent of Kiara
Kiara started her ISMILE journey when she was just 10 months old. From the beginning, she would always squeal in excitement every morning we put on her school uniform. Read more >>
Ms. Ayrine Sandjaja, Parent of Ayla Tiffany Foe
This is the second year that my daughter is in ISMILE, and I cannot be happier with the decision of sending her to this school. Read more >>
Ms. Vania Sudjana, Parent of Valerie Sarah, and Sean Vicenzo Effendie
We chose ISMILE because our kids love the fun learning and the ambiance. My kids attended ISMILE since toddler class. Read more >>
Ms. Widya, Parent of Phillip Gunawan, Louis Gunawan, and Nicholas Gunawan
I always trust the school for their continuous effort in providing a platform to the children with encouraging, Read more >>
Ms. Lisandra Gunawan, Parent of Arsene Adriel gunawan, and Arlette Avriel Gunawan
ISMILE has been my partner in parenting and educating my two children. It provides high quality, faith-based education in a safe family-type and comfortable environment for my children to learn, Read more >>
Ms. Niki, Parent of Kenzie Tanudjaja and Kenzo Tanudjaja
We send both our children, Kenzie (4) and Kenzo (2), to ISMILE and as parents, we could not be more pleased and impressed with their social and emotional development so far. Read more >>
Ms. Marissa Natalia, Parent of Hailey Olivia Huang
Entering N2, this was her very first time ever being at school. It was rather daunting as we couldn't possibly predict Read more >>
Ms. Novia Catherine, Parent of Stephen Cedric Lesmana
Enrolled from toddler till K2 now, I have seen that ISMILE provides a nurturing and educational environment for a brilliant learning opportunity to my son as kindergarten age. Read more >>
Ms. Melissa Supangat, Parent of Darren Jingming Ng
Darren has been with ISMILE since toddler class and until now in K1, everyday I can see his growth in academic performance, social skills, Read more >>
Ms. Christin Yohan, Parent of Adine
Our daughter Adine, who’s joined the ISMILE family since toddlerhood, has been joyful and growing well all along. Read more >>
Ms. Frisca Adelia, Parent of Gabrielle Laurentia, Georgia Alicia, and Gerald Nathanael
ISMILE is a wonderful place for my children to learn and’s because the teachers and staffs have a very genuine affection towards the children. Read more >>
Ms. Fatimah Surya Nurrahmah Rosadi, Parent of Eldiyar Nogoev Azamatovich
We have started going to ISMILE since our son was a toddler, just before his second birthday. Read more >>
Ms. Yvonne Goh, Parent of Isabelle Goh
Thank u teachers and mommies and friends for providing a wonderful experience for Isabelle and me for the past few months. Read more >>
Mr. Nauto Okura and Ms. Miki Okura, Parents of Chiharu
家から一番近いのと、モールの中なので安心して預けられるため選びました。
Mr. Naoto and Ms. Miki Okura, Parents of Chiharu
My 3-year-old daughter really loves to go to ISMILE everyday and my family has no worries about her development and life here. This is simple, but quite important especially for newly coming expats... Read more >>
Ms. Harrina Rahardjo, Parent of Adrina
When my daughter turned 2 years old, I was indecisive of whether to enroll her to a preschool or not. My concern was it would be too early for her. But after seeing her progress after enrollment at... Read more >>
Ms. Aulia, L. Parent of Tasya
It’s been almost 4 years when my daughter Tasya joined ISMILE preschool. She started from infant- toddler class till now in K1. I see Tasya improving a lot every day. She’s growing with... Read more >>
Ms. Musin, Parent of D. Aaron
Our son began his journey with ISMILE when he was 1 year old at ISMILE Plaza Indonesia. He is now 4 years 8 months old and is at the K1 level at ISMILE Imam Bonjol. He always enjoys attending... Read more >>
Ms. Audrey, Parent of Farrell
My husband and I are pleased with the interdisciplinary curriculum that ISMILE Menteng offers. Farrell makes great progress each day, both on social and academic aspects. More importantly, we are... Read more >>
Ms. Hetty Peh, Parent of Hiro Peh
I had both my kids in ISMILE since they each turned One year old. ISMILE is providing a place where my kids can play in a fun indoor classroom setup as well as outdoor areas where they can explore... Read more >>
Mr. and Ms. Tan, Parents of Deshawn and Lakeisha
Since the 1st trial, Deshawn was happy and enjoyed the environment, so we decided to put him in ISMILE. As time goes by, we see he is progressing greatly so we decided to put his little sister,... Read more >>
Mr. Rudy and Ms. Sarah Kangdra, Parents of Charlotte and Venice
It’s almost 5 years since Charlotte enrolled in ISMILE. We have been very impressed that Charlotte has been performing well at school. Read more >>
Ms. Renny Sutiyoso, Parent of Kianna
Through my eyes, my daughter has been a special person to me. Since she was an infant, I could tell she had a special gift with her charming and enduring character. ISMILE has shaped my daughter in... Read more >>
Mr. Sham and Ms. Hazelle, Parents of Alessi and Xander
My family believes that ISMILE helps students adapt to a different learning and requirement system -- one that not only focuses solely on academic excellence, but one that also nurtures each... Read more >>
Mr. and Ms. Wijaya, Parents of Philippa Quinn Wijaya
We are delighted to share our appreciation to ISMILE Preschool with you. Our daughter, Pippa, started her journey from the Toddler class, where she was introduced to a very fun and interactive... Read more >>
Ms. Lim, S. Parent of Rania
My daughter joined ISmile from infant class until now that she is in k1. I love everything about the school; the teachers, the ambiance, and their methods of teaching. Their professionalism and... Read more >>
Ms. Magdalena Sulistio, Parent of Rachel
My daughter started at ISMILE since 8months old, and she is now in N1 class. I saw very good progress in her independence and confidence. I am extremely blessed to have teachers who are... Read more >>
Ms. Cherries, Parent of Nicholas
We chose to send our son, Nicholas, to ISMILE mainly because of its Christian values. Over the years, we’ve come to learn that not only the school has a loving and nurturing environment, but the... Read more >>
Ms. Cathy Sharon, Parent of Jacob and Carla
I have had both my Children start their early learning experiences in ISMILE, and I have been very pleased with their development and growth in both their gross and fine motor skills. The educators... Read more >>
Ms. Natasha, Parent of Colin and Caitlin
ISMILE has been our partner in parenting and educating our children since they were babies. The values that are important to us are reflected in our school family. With fun and caring teachers, we... Read more >>
Ms. Endah Hapsari, Parent of Raphael
“It was a great relief when we found ISMILE pre-school in Bellezza. The long, and tiring journey, has finally ended. My son, Raphael Tyaga (4 years old), is very energetic & adventurous boy. He... Read more >>
Ms. Josephine, Parent of Rachelle, Reinata and Rebecca
We have joined the ISMILE family in the beginning of 2014, which means that ISMILE has played a big role in the majority of my motherhood. ISMILE has been the perfect second home to my three girls.... Read more >>
Ms. Ling-Ling Parent of Emily
Coming to ISMILE has been a wonderful experience for both Emily and me. Emily struggled in the first couple of days since it was her first time going to school Read more >>
Ms. Sarah, Parent of Venice and Charlotte
I was planning to move Charlotte and Venice to the school nearest our home, but of course I have again changed my mind. I can see how Charlotte progressed beyond expectations in ISMILE. Another... Read more >>
Mr. Timothy and Ms. Velma Ang (Singapore) Parents of Faith Ang
Dear ISMILE , Enrolling our daughter, Faith, at ISMILE was one of the best decisions we made during our short time in Bandung. With its emphasis on Christian values and character building, ISMILE... Read more >>
Ms. Lenny Riyanti, Parent of Nadya
,Some say character is hereditary; it’s from the genes. Some Chinese beliefs even go to the extent of predicting the child’s character from the birth date and time. I, however, feel that... Read more >>
Ms. Sieny S. Prasetio, Parent of Jayden and Ethan
ISMILE have been a part of our lives for 7 wonderful years. Jayden was one of the first batches of ISMILE students in 2008 and graduatedin 2012. Jayden is currently in Primary 2 in National High, a... Read more >>
Ms. Pricillia. Parent of Thierry and Claire
It was three years ago for Thierry and one year ago for Claire when they joined ISMILE. I could still remember leaving them crying for hours while I waited outside of their nursery classes feeling... Read more >>
Ms. Abigail Chandra
One afternoon, I witnessed my first born bossing his little brother around and because I wanted to protect my younger child, I said to him, “stop being so nice to your brother because he isn’t so... Read more >>
Ms. Irene Suganda, Parent of Callista Madeline
Clean facilities and friendly staffs were our initial considerations to enroll Maddie to ISMILE. She was1.5 years old, joining the Mom-toddler class which then helped me to know more about the... Read more >>
Ms. Nathania, Parent of Aaron and Darryl
It's been my third year since my first son, Aaron joined ISMILE. Everyday,they amaze me with their progress and improvements. InISMILE, they learn how to think on their own and they are never... Read more >>
Parent of Silas Jean Wetik, Marcel F. D. Wetik and Alexandra J. Wuisan
It's not because of the broad range lists of teaching methods and which kind of learning aspects that was written on the brochures, that made them a deciding factor for us to believe that ISMILE is... Read more >>
Parent of Mina
It's crazy how time flies and it's amazing to see the change in Mina from the time she entered ISMILE at only 6 months old to now. I remembered that she used to cry during sessions and always... Read more >>
Parent of Matthew and Gianna
ISMILE is a truly special place. Both my children have been at ISMILE since toddler class. They are now in K1 and N2. The children are happy and I have seen them grow emotionally, physically and... Read more >>
Ms. Irene Gunawan, Parent of Raphael Wong
We love Ismile! All of the teachers and assistants are always so pleasant and upbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids. Read more >>
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