Parent Testimonial


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Ms. Nathania, Parent of Aaron and Darryl

It's been my third year since my first son, Aaron joined ISMILE. Everyday,they amaze me with their progress and improvements. InISMILE, they learn how to think on their own and they are never afraid to speakup their minds. The teachers always give them guidance instead of saying they are wrong.
In this school, they also learned about religion, how to praise, worship or even just to thank God.There was once, I lost my Ipad in the mall. Do you know what my kid told me? "Mommy,it's okay. Jesus will give your Ipad back and He will always guard us." That's my four year old who talked to me! Amazing! Since Darryll joined N1,he also improved a lot.
Every kid is special in his or her own way. Each has his or her strength and weakness, and I believe that the teacher can help the kids develop their weaknesses to be their strengths.
What impressed me also are the teaching methods that make learning fun. Keep
it up, ISMILE! A thousand words can't describe how satisfied I am with my kids’ growth in this school.
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