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Ms. Sieny S. Prasetio, Parent of Jayden and Ethan

ISMILE have been a part of our lives for 7 wonderful years. Jayden was one of the first batches of ISMILE students in 2008 and graduatedin 2012. Jayden is currently in Primary 2 in National High, a Cambridge based education system school. He told me that a lot of his basic knowledge were taught during his ISMILE years. Jayden’s transition from a preschool to a primary school is smooth sailing. ISMILE prepared their students in K1 and K2 with qualified teachers to prepare them in the primary school. I don’t have to do much revision during his Primary 1 year .... life was really easy for me. Thank you ISMILE for doing the hard work for me. Ethan, my other son is currently in K1.

He has a little bit of speech delay compared to his peers. However, with the help of the teachers and enrichments from Nursery to Kindergarten, it’s amazing how Ethan’s speech has improved so much and most importantly, his confidence. In the beginning when people don’t understand a word he is saying, that really put him down and he will just cut the story short and keep quiet and that breaks my heart. One incident he told me “Omehchely” and I was guessing from cherry to ice cream or his toys. He was crying and frustrated that I didn’t understand him.

One morning, Jayden told me, “Mommy, Ethan wants Tom & Jerry,” and Ethan shouted, “Omeh chely”. End of story. ISMILE is so committed in providing support to parents and the well being of their students. Thank you ISMILE. Ethan now speaks much clearer and more people can understand him now. I can see his confidence has grown so much that he even talks to strangers in the lift, which I need to teach him about that; but thank you so much. You have not only made me so happy but you have given Ethan a chance to tell his stories, his world to the people. Thank you ISMILE for you never fail to please me and most importantly Jayden and Ethan.

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