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Ms. Lenny Riyanti, Parent of Nadya

Some say character is hereditary; it’s from the genes. Some Chinese beliefs even go to the extent of predicting the child’s character from the birth date and time. I, however, feel that environment plays the biggest part in the child’s upbringing. Imagine a child brought up in the jungle, then it’s the jungle ways that molds the child.
With that in mind, I set no compromis- es when I was looking around for a preschool for my beloved daughter, Nadya. I have seen many other preschools and even attended some of the trial classes but no other schools gave me the security that my Nadya will be taken cared of. I finally made my decision on ISMILE, not because of the convenience but because of the teachers. Nadya was a firstborn, would alwaysgetherwayandalwayshadeverythingpreparedforher. I was quite afraid that Nadya might not be able to play together with the other children or take instructions from her teachers.
It was quite evident from Nadya’s behavior that ISMILE did her good. Nadya started to show discipline especially during meal times and start learning to pack up her toys after she is done with. Nadya was able to show these traits only after the first few months of Toddler class. Then comes a time, when Nadya had to be left alone when she progressed to N1. As every parent would feel, I couldn’t bear to leave her in the class alone. Of course Nadya cried but surprisingly, this only went on for a few weeks. Then a month after, Nadya was excited to go to school. Now that’s progress ! I really don’t know what the teachers do in the class but Nadya has shown so much improvement in her manners as well as vocabulary. Nadya is also very receptive to comments and questions and can now start to make decisions for herself.
Kudos to ISMILE for their secret recipe to transform our little bundle of joy to be smart and intelligent. Thank you to Ms.Kim, Ms.Cindy, Ms.Elvy, Ms.Linda and Lao Shi for their patience and kindness.
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