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Mr. Timothy and Ms. Velma Ang (Singapore) Parents of Faith Ang

Dear ISMILE , Enrolling our daughter, Faith, at ISMILE was one of the best decisions we made during our short time in Bandung. With its emphasis on Christian values and character building, ISMILE was a perfect fit for us.

During our first visit to the school, we were more than impressed with the facilities. Not only were the facilities suitable for young children, they were designed to enhance learning. Faith had lots of fun throughout the year - growing plants in the garden, jumping into the ball pit and climbing the rock wall in the gym, as well as catching and observing various insects.

It was also a joy for us to witness the social and academic growth in Faith. She enjoyed school tremendously and would daily recount what she learnt in school to us. She also learnt to make and interact with friends, and learnt to be independent.

Hardware and curriculum aside, what distinguished ISMILE most from other pre schools was its heart ware. The teachers (especially Ms Fem, Ms Ika, Ms Gema, Ms Rika, Ms Erlina) were kind, patient and caring. They took the extra effort to get to know and understand each pupil's needs. Even teachers and staff not teaching Faith knew her and helped her. All these made a huge and positive difference to Faith's first experience with school. Even now when she is back in Singapore, she tells me that she misses her teachers and friends in Bandung!

Indeed, God is at work in ISMILE. And our family has truly been blessed by it. May God continue to work through the school to bless many more students and families.

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