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Ms. Ling-Ling Parent of Emily

Coming to ISMILE has been a wonderful experience for both Emily and me. Emily struggled in the first couple of days since it was her first time going to school. But by the second week, not only could she adapt to preschool life, but she also enjoyed it very much – thanks to the wonderful teachers at ISMILE; they have a huge impact on the lives of the children.

The teachers were both very friendly and cheerful to the children and they taught every child with patience and compassion. After a while, they formed a special bond with Emily that they seemed to have become her best friends. After class, Emily would always mention her teachers, what they said or what they taught her. She would remember the songs, the routines and the daily conversations she learned in class. (She has slowly gained confidence that even though we speak to her in Bahasa, she would speak one or two words in English to show off.)

Emily never felt pressured or stressed at all coming to school. Some of my relatives expressed their concerns about enrolling Emily to school at the age of 3. But at ISMILE, coming to school is like going to the playground. There are always new activities everyday, and Emily has been learning not only by listening to the teachers’ discussions but through fun activities and exploring things together with her friends.

Last but not least, ISMILE has an outdoor garden which not many schools have. This is huge advantage as the children can learn about nature outside of class.

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