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Ms. Josephine, Parent of Rachelle, Reinata and Rebecca

We have joined the ISMILE family in the beginning of 2014, which means that ISMILE has played a big role in the majority of my motherhood. ISMILE has been the perfect second home to my three girls. It is a small and close-knit community, where we always feel safe and warm.

ISMILE holds a high standard of academic excellence and equips our children with the necessary skills to be an all-rounder. The school is also very agile and flexible in accommodating parents' expectations of their children and is always trying to push the children out of their comfort zones. One of my daughters has recently graduated from ISMILE and she easily adjusted to her new school, both academically and non-academically. Passing Primary school entrance exams with flying colors was also not an issue.

The teachers are very caring and they genuinely love the kids. The ease of communication with the teachers made the process of raising my daughters easier, as we were able to work hand-in-hand to achieve the same developmental standards, which were set by us. The school's curriculum and events are very creative and interesting that even parents enjoy being involved in the activities. The concept of enforcing Parent-volunteering also resulted in the Mommies forging friendships with each other, hence making the ISMILE experience worthwhile not only for the kids, but also for the parents.

What impressed me most, however, is the school's dedication to nurture our kids to be of good personalities and the emphasis on the importance of God's teachings. It is difficult to find a school that focuses greatly on character building from such an early age, which I think in the end, is what matters most in life. The school instills good values creatively; they become easilyrelatable through their daily activities and chapel time on Fridays. I was surprised when my 5-year-old daughter could confidently lead prayers in her Sunday school, given that we are guilty of skipping Sunday church a lot and sometimes took for granted ISMILE’s Christian teachings.

Rachelle, Reinata and Rebecca look forward to going to school every morning and enjoy their time in ISMILE very much. We are sincerely grateful for and have truly enjoyed being a part of this big loving family.

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