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Ms. Endah Hapsari, Parent of Raphael

“It was a great relief when we found ISMILE pre-school in Bellezza. The long, and tiring journey, has finally ended. My son, Raphael Tyaga (4 years old), is very energetic & adventurous boy. He loves to explore new things, get easily bored when things get monotonous. We need to be creative, and at the same level energies, when we’re with him. But so often, our creativities and our level of energy, are not enough for him. It made him get frustrated easily, and often threw some tantrums. 

Since we enrolled him in ISMILE pre-school Bellezza, “the magic” begins. It seems ISMILE could accommodate his needs. Only in a month, a lot of progress has happened to Raphael. His speech, communication, understanding of people & surrounding, following instructions & directions, day to day basic skills, and many more, are all improved. His tantrums and frustration have also slowly subsided. He loves going to school, and so often he asked for school when it’s Sunday or public holiday. 

In ISMILE, Raphael is allowed to be himself, is permitted to explore freely, playing and learning at the same time. In ISMILE, he is accepted and his uniqueness is very much appreciated.

All of the teachers and personnel in ISMILE are very warm, loving, and friendly towards Raphael. Especially Miss Jula, his teacher in N2D class. She is amazing! Raphael loves her a lot. Miss Jula is not just teaching, but she is also guiding Raphael with warm and loving approach. She genuinely cares about Raphael. She also constantly communicates with us, in order to explore and find out what’s best for Raphael. Miss Jula understands Raphael, and it’s very important to us, because not so many people can understand Raphael.

Thus, it is miracle of God that finally, Raphael found his place, and his soul mates in ISMILE. We’re hoping that Raphael will continue to grow happily in ISMILE. It is only our hope, to see Raphael grows as a happier, healthy, and loving boy. 

Thank you so much to Miss Jula, and all the teachers for making ISMILE as a second loving home to Raphael. God bless you all!”

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