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Mr. and Ms. Wijaya, Parents of Philippa Quinn Wijaya

We are delighted to share our appreciation to ISMILE Preschool with you. Our daughter, Pippa, started her journey from the Toddler class, where she was introduced to a very fun and interactive class, with the most friendly and joyful teacher. She was always happy and eager to attend her classes, as she learned lots of new things gradually, in a loving and caring environment. It was a great joy to see your child enjoyed her school very much and kept singing the songs she learned from school at home, and could not wait for the next school day. We immediately knew that this place was the second home for our child.

During her Nursery and Kindergarten years, she has exceeded our expectations in terms of content that she has learned. We feel that she has been well-equipped academically, socially, and most importantly, spiritually. The school offers variety of lessons, of which she learns them all in most challenging, fun, and creative ways. We, the parents, are always excited to participate in many of the school’s events as the school believes that family is the most important partner of the school. Spiritually, our daughter is nurtured with a good Christian foundation, where she is encouraged to learn and develop kindness, empathy, and responsibility towards others.

It is a bittersweet time for our family because the transition to Primary school is an exciting time, but we will definitely miss our ISMILE family. We are truly thankful for the dedicated and genuinely caring teachers, who have helped our daughter to blossom during her preschool years. It has been a blessing for our family to be part of ISMILE family. Thank you, ISMILE, for the wonderful journey and memories we will treasure for a lifetime.

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