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Mr. Sham and Ms. Hazelle, Parents of Alessi and Xander

My family believes that ISMILE helps students adapt to a different learning and requirement system -- one that not only focuses solely on academic excellence, but one that also nurtures each child's innate talents, hones their skills to achieve their full potential, helps build their confidence, overcome their fears, and shows how to have compassion for others.

That is why, without a shadow of a doubt, we wanted our youngest son, Xander, to join his sister, Alessi, at ISMILE.

Alessi has been in this school since she was 16 months old. In all this time, we have witnessed her develop to the wonderful child who possesses the qualities every parent hope and want to see in their children. We are extremely proud of her confident nature, her enthusiasm for all things, her compassion for people, and her excellent academic development.

We strongly believe that ISMILE is doing a superb job in helping us mold Alessi into a well-rounded human being. Sham and I are immensely confident that as parents, we have made the best decision in choosing ISMILE as our partner in developing the growth of our kids, and in laying the foundation to their solid future.

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