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Ms. Fatimah Surya Nurrahmah Rosadi, Parent of Eldiyar Nogoev Azamatovich

We have started going to ISMILE since our son was a toddler, just before his second birthday. In the beginning, we choose ISMILE mainly because of its location, closer to home. But gradually this small but mighty school keeps on surprising us. 
The program in ISMILE is very interactive since the very beginning. Learning is always made fun as kids have a variety of activities and events to attend to. We have to thank the very kind and dedicated teachers, who continuously work tirelessly to make each activity a fun learning experience for them. As we attend the Bandung location, we are so very lucky to enjoy a balanced of outdoor and indoor activities. The environment in which has been created has been effective for optimal learning and development.
The teachers played a very important role in this school as in any school. They are caring, professional, kind, and most importantly patient with the children. They are very approachable to parents as well. The admission process in ISMILE was made simple. Everybody was warm and welcome and made the transition period easy to get through. Thank you all of the teachers and staff of ISMILE for being a part of our journey. ❣
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