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Ms. Marissa Natalia, Parent of Hailey Olivia Huang

Entering N2, this was her very first time ever being at school. It was rather daunting as we couldn't possibly predict what sort of reactions she might have to her new environment, friends, teachers, schedules and expectations. 
Thank God He leads us to ISMILE. We found that it was not difficult at all for Hailey to adjust to school life. The most challenging part for her was probably only the first few weeks where she suddenly had to wake up at 6-7 am EVERY DAY, from her usual 10-11 am.😆 Nonetheless, Hailey loves going to school, she happily greets everyone from the front door all the way up to her classroom as she walks, every morning.
I believe it takes a school with a deep understanding of the physical, social and psychological needs of children, to be able to engage, nurture and excite them to learn without unnecessarily pressuring them with our demands. 
Furthermore, it takes really dedicated teachers to be able to make that happen and to make time and effort to understand each individually unique children.
I'm grateful for Miss Tricia and Miss Rika. 
Although this was also Miss Tricia's first time teaching at ISMILE, her determination and most importantly genuine heart in teaching for children has really grabbed Hailey's trust. 
Recently on UN Day, we as her parents were genuinely in awe. She did so well up there, enjoying her dance performance (yes, she really enjoyed every bit of it!), even though it was her very first time being on a stage. Again, I thanked the teachers for an awesome job in not merely teaching them dance moves but making the children own it, enjoy it and be proud of themselves for doing it. 
Well done Miss Tricia & Miss Rika! Thank you for always keeping the joy in our little sunshine ❤.
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