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Ms. Niki, Parent of Kenzie Tanudjaja and Kenzo Tanudjaja

We send both our children, Kenzie (4) and Kenzo (2), to ISMILE and as parents, we could not be more pleased and impressed with their social and emotional development so far. ISMILE teachers are very responsible in caring for all the little students and they share photos, stories as well as observances of the daily curriculum very diligently with all the parents - a simple but constant assurance that the students are in good hands.
At ISMILE, every child is treated and taught with much kindness and respect, instilling these very important values in them early on so they may pay it forward as they grow and learn more.
I see the children greeted by friendly, engaging and nurturing educators every morning. They take the time and effort to genuinely get to know each child and his family by emphasizing and fostering open communication all around. This ensures all caregivers are on the same page when it comes to the well-being and development of the children.
I am very satisfied with both the curriculum and excellent teachers at ISMILE. Both my children’s homeroom teachers go above and beyond to attend to the children’s individual needs and learning pace, which I personally think is one of the most important things to gain from preschool education.
The curriculum is also enjoyable and challenging enough to prepare the children well for their next level of education. There is a good balance between constructive learning activities through outdoor play and creative thinking activities that engage them to stay curious while still maintaining a love for learning.
My children’s confidence and social skills have also developed significantly, thanks to the many interesting stage plays and performance opportunities at ISMILE.
I am very happy that their growth is all rounded.
To parents still searching for quality early childhood education, I absolutely recommend ISMILE! Their dedication to nurturing children’s balanced social and emotional well-being, as well as providing a fun, learning environment is an all-star package!
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