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Ms. Erisca, Parent of Kiara

Kiara started her ISMILE journey when she was just 10 months old. From the beginning, she would always squeal in excitement every morning we put on her school uniform.  I too, look forward to every ISMILE class where I can join her learning journey while also learning to be a better child educator.
What particularly attracted me to ISMILE after having trials in a few schools was its class structure, emphasis on sensory play and its extensive facilities.
Starting very young, the teachers were very attentive and patient in teaching her. This has sparked her enthusiasm for school and learning. As she grows older, the class curriculum and teaching style have evolved, accommodating to her developmental needs at each stage. I feel that Kiara has learned best from repetition. ISMILE class structure and routine gave her comfort and familiarity to learn quickly.
Being in the sensorimotor stage, ISMILE’s outdoor garden activities, sensory plays, and gym sessions are helpful in stimulating Kiara as she learns about the world through her senses. The school exposes her to different sensory experiences necessary in this critical period of accelerated brain development, building a solid foundation for her linguistic, cognitive, visual spatial, social and emotional skills in her later years.
The school’s unique emphasis of educating through nature is one that I admire. I hope that this encourages Kiara to appreciate nature, despite living in an urban city like Jakarta. Each time after class is over, Kiara would always stay a while longer in school to enjoy the outdoor garden and sandpit area.
Unlike at home where Kiara can be slightly picky about food, she enjoys her meal times at ISMILE where she would gobble everything that is served. Being around children of similar age also helps to motivate her to follow class activities. Kiara’s ISMILE teachers never fail to encourage independence and kindness towards others.
Now that she is almost 2 years old, Kiara still lights up when we tell stories about her school teachers and friends at home. Kiara’s father and I are grateful that Kiara is surrounded by a group of cheerful, genuine, God-loving staff, teachers and principals who are committed to our child’s education and personal growth.
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