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Ms. Cindy, Parent of Easton and Hazel

As a parent at ISMILE Bellezza, I feel like being a part of a family. A family that is working together towards one goal, developing my children to their best potential. Not only educating the kids but the love and compassion shown by the entire team of teachers have also guided me towards supporting them as a parent.
My kids love going to school because their days are filled with joy, and I love that my kids are going to school because their day is filled with just the right amount of education. Their curiosity is stimulated, guided, and fulfilled everyday through play, stories, experiments, events, performances, and worksheets. By the high standard of academic education displayed by Easton, I know that I have nothing to worry about when he is settling in into a new primary school curriculum next year.
The teachers at ISMILE show true caring, loving, staggering amount of patience, and understanding towards the children. I am very impressed and thankful for how actively they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive development for my kids. The constant feedback and easy communication have made it very easy for me to monitor their progress, improvements as well as any difficulties. Hazel’s development as she is settling in the early stages of childhood has been an easy one, thanks to the nurture and guidance of her teachers.
To have found a place where my kids are loved as much as I love them is precious. And when my kids hug their teachers every afternoon, I am confident that they have had a good day.
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